April 2016

We Only Get One Body.

From being bullied as a child, to falling prey to the 1980’s L.A. party scene, one August morning in 1988 Barry Jay discovered his salvation in fitness and renounced his carousing ways, trading cocktails for protein shakes. “I got up... View Post

February 2016


As athletes, business people and (simply put) humans, we have all experienced rejection at one point or another. The high-school coach who said we were not fast, tall or strong enough, the job interview that never called back or the... View Post

January 2016

In The Meantime, Hustle!

As a sports agency many times we get “approached by” or “referred to” talent that stands out above the rest and even though many times the talent is unarguably good, sometimes the time just isn’t right for us to sign... View Post

December 2015


Some people thrive on unpredictability, others don’t, or at least they think they don’t. As athletes, we are told over and over “the more you practice the better you get” and somehow we fool ourselves to believe that unpredictability is... View Post